Postcards from the edge

Postcards from the edge
Tales of (mis)adventure from abroad

Welcome to Postcards from the edge!

A collection of (very) short stories from my travels abroad. The idea is that every story fits on the back of a postcard (100 words max). This concept originated from a CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Company) radio contest in which my postcard ended up being runner-up for the first prize.  Here’s my original Postcard from the edge (50 words): The grueling ascent of Bolivia’s highest peak had started 40 hours earlier. I was now alone, looking at myself lying on my 50 pound backpack, staring up at the stars. I didn’t feel the cold or the pain anymore, in fact, I didn’t really feel anything. I could’ve easily let go.

Listen to my CBC interview on  the story behind the postcard:

Pictured above is the actual mountain in the story, Mount Sajama (6545m).

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-Yannick Daoudi