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Meeting them in their tailor shop, you wouldn’t know what these 13 young women had gone through. They were so welcoming, although some never smiled and few ever looked up at me in the eyes. They applauded me for “my sacrifice”: Cycling 1200km through Uganda to raise money to support programs like this one. I’m a joke. Most of them had been abducted as children and had survived years as sex slaves. And should they ever forget for even an instant, they had been left with constant reminders: a deadly disease and several children, from the constant rapes.


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  1. comment number 1 by: jazz

    It is beyond tough what the women have gone through – I can understand how you would feel that what you were doing in Uganda wouldn’t fix what had happened to them. However, you must realize that what you did was extremely commendable. Even if they may not forget the rape, they will also remember people like you who will listen to their stories and take the initiative to help support their program.

  2. comment number 2 by: David

    Very well said “jazz.” I couldn’t agree more and yes Yannick, you did make a difference for these people! Good job once again!!

  3. comment number 3 by: laury boulianne

    I admire what you have done Yannick. I believe that doing it with your heart was the most important thing and these women can feel it and that is why they’ve appreciated you. Seeing the smiles on their faces must of been a wonderful gift for you.

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