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Postcards from the edge
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“Yes, coming soon…” The same answer I had been getting for five hours now. The old woman had been sitting unperturbed in the shade of a Baobab tree, surrounded by an impressive load of those sturdy, multicolored plastic bags. The only thing that kept me from believing this infamous boat taxi was indeed a myth were the locals, who kept turning up and silently sitting down. When it finally arrived, time resumed. People were happy that it was here, not frustrated that it was late. Why not? After all, we would all eventually be where we were trying to go.


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  1. comment number 1 by: JD

    This shows us how different and important time is where we live. Everything here is based on time, and many if not all organizations here would fail if they all “just got there eventually”.

    It is nice to see that people do not include time in the equation of their life in other parts of the world. And im just thinking how much stress is generated here due to the need to be on time for everything. It must be awkward to not have to worry or think about what time it is.

    Can you imagine a world without watches? With 4 different places I can glance to get the time in this small room of mine, i cannot imagine living without knowing the present time.

  2. comment number 2 by: JD

    Just another note, time itself is completely man made when you think about it. Sure its based on and evaluated by nature, but you do not see trees planning on growing a certain amount by a certain time. They just grow. Simple as that. Nature has no appointments, it just flows indefinately, independent from time. Just like the people waiting for the boat.

  3. comment number 3 by: Etienne

    “Punctuality,” a wise man said, “is the virtue of the bored.”

    I’ve once gotten into an argument with a teacher for arriving late by blaming him for expecting me at all. It did not end well.

  4. comment number 4 by: Martina

    Lol… that’s great Etienne! I’ll have to try and remember that one at work, not sure it will go over any better here but might be worth just to see their faces after…:D

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