Postcards from the edge

Postcards from the edge
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Double Dare

Double Dare

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We had been forced to stop twice because of swollen glacial rivers on this far-flung shortcut between two Himalayan mountain passes. Each time, we had to evaluate the risks of attempting to cross early the next morning, against turning back. But the situation was different now. We were very low on supplies as this was already day #4 of an alleged 3-day trek, and by 7 a.m., the torrential meltwater was already waist-high and rising by the minute. The horseman, clearly frightened, was unequivocal: “Water heavy! River no crossing!” But then, he misguidedly added: “but if you crossing, me crossing…”


There are 2 comments.

  1. comment number 1 by: Fanie

    Ahahah alors je me reprends sur le dernier post (être trempé vs dans les airs).

    Clairement pas une ” poule mouillée”, la preuve – le horseman est prêt à vous suivre sur votre lancée d’une traversée d’une eau loin de la température d’un jacuzzi 8)

  2. comment number 2 by: Yannick

    hahaha oui, ton dernier commentaire m’a bien rigoler en sachant que ma prochaine postcard allait etre celle-ci!

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