Postcards from the edge

Postcards from the edge
Tales of (mis)adventure from abroad

Nomads Land: The Film

(2009, 13 min.) Yannick Daoudi and a Mongolian Nomad team up to reach the Tsataan or “Reindeer People” of Northern Mongolia. The two-week horseback expedition takes them through a surreal and timeless place of breathtaking beauty and untouched wilderness.

Did you like the music? You can support the wonderful Mongolian couple who offered to play this music for my film by buying their music CD for $20. I will mail you the CD and every cent will be given directly to them.

The feature length film TAIGA QUEST about the rest of this expedition, where I continued alone, on foot for another 3 weeks across the Siberian Taiga, can be ordered on DVD for $10 (watch the trailer).

If interested by either or both (payable online using PayPal), please email: yannick [dot] daoudi [at] gmail [dot] com

There are 2 comments.

  1. comment number 1 by: Wendy Garard Langdon

    Hi Yannick!
    This has to be one of the best gifts ever. Thank you …what a wonderful film. I loved the music too. I was filled with questions, while watching it, and, also thought frequently of my high school geography teacher, Mrs. Ella Hoy, who developed my interest in the lands and peoples of the world.
    Of course that was a gazillion years ago!
    I asked Heather to get me the CD of your next leg of the journey.
    Are you going away again this holiday season…
    If so I wish you a lovely trip. I also send you best wishes for a peaceful and happy, holiday season.
    Very best regards,

  2. comment number 2 by: Yannick

    Thanks Wendy, glad you enjoyed this short film. I am indeed leaving again over the holiday season to canoe down the Gambia River in Africa. Can’t wait! More postcards to come upon my return in January hopefully… :)

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