Postcards from the edge

Postcards from the edge
Tales of (mis)adventure from abroad

Colombia (completed)

Location: Bocas del Yi, Colombia

Date: December 2010-January 2011

Context: In a remote corner of the Amazon jungle, a boarding school for over one hundred native children regularly falls prey to paramilitary armed groups in the region, who come to recruit children to fight in their armies. With a promise of better living conditions, including a comfortable place to sleep (many have to sleep on the ground), some decide to join them.

Primary goal: To buy enough hammocks and mosquito nets for every child and hand-deliver them to the boarding school.

Secondary goals: (1) To make an exchange of drawings between primary school children in Canada and the children of Bocas del Yi. (2) To raise awareness about the conflict and the living conditions of the indigenous peoples of the Vaupés region.

Fundraising Goal: $3500

Fundraising methods: (1) 2-week canoe expedition down a tributary to the Amazon River in complete autonomy. (2) Conferences and various fundraising events.