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Postcards from the edge
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The decision to go off-trail to the other side of the mountain had been easy enough: The powder was beautiful and untouched. I knew I was in trouble when I realized the nose of my board wouldn’t clear the branch. I was in mid-air, and suddenly flipped upside down, before crashing shoulder first into a trunk. I felt something breaking inside. Bad sign. I couldn’t move my arm. Then came the pain, it was excruciating. I yelled. But I was alone, unable to move, in the middle on the woods, on the wrong side of the mountain.


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  1. comment number 1 by: Wendy

    OWWWWWWW! Then what happened???????????

  2. comment number 2 by: Yannick

    hahaha this seems to be a regular question with these postcards, everybody wants to know “the end”! Well…It took hours, literally, but I managed to undo my board, free myself from the snow, and trek through the forest until I found a closed trail. I painfully attached my snowboard back on and went down. Ever single little bump sent an agonizing pain through my entire body, it was brutal. I eventually got to a cabin where a guy radioed for the rescue team to come in and get me. It took more long hours before they reached me and got me to a hospital.

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