Postcards from the edge

Postcards from the edge
Tales of (mis)adventure from abroad



burma stamp

We were talking over a cup of that delicious, sweet, milky Burmese tea, but I couldn’t enjoy my drink, looking at his face was hard. It would’ve put most people off their appetite. One of his eyeballs was all white and his teeth were rotten. He had spent time imprisoned, like too many others, for having taken part in a peaceful protest against the violent abuses on their basic human rights. Talking to me in public was dangerous. He told me that spies were everywhere, even right here in this very town. We had to move to a safer place.


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  1. comment number 1 by: Wendy

    Hi Yannick,
    Peaceful picture……sad,shocking, but inspiring story, of a brave human spirit. Two of them!

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